Friday, July 24, 2009

SFDB: Mystery continues

As I previously blogged, a certain local blog piqued my curiosity as to whether the political digressions posted thereon were at the behest of a political organization, or if they are the genuine musings of the average Joe they purport to be.

I'm still not sure. On the one hand, that blog recently perpetuated the progressive boogey-man of right-wingers that want America to suffer in order to spite the half of America that voted for Obama (post here). I envisioned "Rick", author of the blog, as someone intelligent enough to see how silly that boogey-man is. Are there folks who, for example, believe that Obama's presidency will invite terror attacks? Of course. Does it mean they literally value the worth of an "I told you so!" more than the lives of fellow Americans, and actually want an attack to happen? Come on, "Rick" seems smarter than that.

So lo and behold, "Rick" goes and posts a rather lengthy discussion of the incident near Harvard involving a black professor. His conclusion echoes sentiments I expressed while commenting on another blog. Namely, that we ought not rush to conclude that the incident was racially motivated. Now, that is thinking consonant with what I would expect from the mind that does so well putting together the daily digests posted on the blog. Certainly, such an opinion breaks ranks with the progressive blogosphere, in stark contrast to the short blips on politics "Rick" usually posts that are lock-step with the progressive blogosphere.

So the plot thickens. Is "Rick" just lazy about how he assembles his opinions? Does that explain the longer than usual political post on the Harvard incident, where he finally shows some gray matter? Or is there still another explanation for the (seemingly) thoughtless political posts that seem so out of place on that blog?

The world may never know.

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