Saturday, September 5, 2009

Liberal Fascists in South Florida

The past few weeks in the South Florida blogosphere provided the Liberal Fascists among us ample opportunity to expose themselves.

"Mustang Bobby" advocates that Obama adopt a dictatorial approach to governance:
... I hope [Obama] takes to the podium, looks at the Republicans, smiles, and says, "Okay, you had your fun. This is what we're doing: public option, coverage for all, regulation of health insurance companies within an inch of their lives, and anything else I can come up with that will drive you up the wall. We'll ram it through by reconciliation the same way Bush put through his tax cuts and his war in Iraq, and if you don't like it, try to imagine within your wildest dreams how much I care. ... So sit down, shut up, and hold on.
Ironically, Bobby advocates for Obama to engage in a governance style that Bobby found detestable under Bush. Apparently, Bobby is a very confused person. But clearly, Bobby likes the idea of a dictatorial leader. Not unexpectedly, Rick concurs.

The fine art of listening and observing is not lost in America. For the millions of Americans who are sobering up and regretting their vote for Obama, remember that if you had listened to the substance (what little there was) of Obama's campaign speeches, he told you exactly what he intended to do to America.

Now listen to the "grassroots" voices of the progressive movement. What you hear are not the voices of inclusion, compromise, and governance by the people. The voices of our neighbors who subscribe to "progressive" thought are the voices of dictators. Their words speak for themselves.

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